College of Health Sciences


VISION: To train healthcare professionals vast in the use of the technology for their continuing education, research and service to humanity.

MISSION: To leverage on advances in technology for optimal delivery of affordable and effective healthcare.

MOTTO: Technology for optimal healthcare



The establishment of FUTA College of Health Sciences has proved that the actualisation of a dream may be delayed, but with perseverance, it will become a reality.

The College was one of the seven Schools approved for FUTA in 1981 but successive managements in FUTA could not actualise the dream. However, persistent pressure by all stakeholders within and outside the university on the management of FUTA eventually led to the setting up of a panel in 2014 to advise FUTA on how to establish the College of Health Sciences.

The panel recommended that while awaiting the full approval for the MBBS programme, FUTA could commence bachelor degrees in Human Anatomy, Physiology and Biomedical Technology respectively. Thus the bachelor degree programmes in Basic Medical Sciences commenced in the 2015/2016 Academic Session. On February 15, 2021, the National University Commission sent a team for Resource Verification for the MBBS programme. The exercise was successful. Consequently, on April 1, 2021 the university received a letter signed by the Secretary to the NUC, approving the commencement of the MBBS Programme.

The College is currently made up of three Schools (Faculties);

1) School of Basic Medical Sciences (SBMS);

2) School of Basic Clinical Sciences (SBCS); and

3) School of Clinical Sciences (SCS)